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Here is my gallery. Even if you're just flicking through pages on the "Random Deviant" button to give llamas to people please have a look. I would really appreciate it.
Thanks. ^^



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Emily Talia Tunstall
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United Kingdom
Hello weary profile traveler!
My name is Emily and I'm a fourteen year old female specimen of the species homo sapien. I sometimes go by the names of Random, Cookie, Milyla or Grimlord Doomreaver. I enjoy learning new things, skills and odd facts with no relevance to anything ever. E.g. Zymenchlora is a purplish hue that is mostly associated with outer space. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and lovely boyfriend Jordan. I play guitar and along with various forms of art these are my main hobbies. Currently I am working on a machine that connects to both my brain and a robot so I can do both at once! :D
My hair makes me feel like a mermaid. <3
Always silly,
Before I start, I am going to tell you that this is a big biological geek out. You have been warned!

Okay, so me and my dear father have recently been trying to find the coolest animals we can which is a debate started when I learned of the existence of the Blue Dragon Sea Slug, also known as Glaucus Atlanticus. It looks awesome and, as the name suggests, like a blue dragon. Here is the Wiki page for those interested, even if just to look at the picture:… To summarise why it's cool though, it lives off of venemous animals and then uses their poison for itself, even things as poisonous as the portuguese man o' war (which is cool in itself) whose venom is known to cause fever, shock and cause problems with the heart and lungs in humans, and in very rare cases it can even cause death. Thing is, at largest this cute sea slug is only 3cm long. How cool is that!?

Now, I was saying about how cool the Glaucus Atlanticus looks and so my Dad brought up the awesome colours of the Royal Starfish. It's purple and orangey yellow and these are also the colours of his scout groups neckerchief. Exactly! Again, wiki, because google links are ridiculously long:… Look at those vivid colours! It's colours are its main feature but it's a starfish and that makes it instantly really cool.

Anyway, the title of this is about Tardigrades and this is the creature that my Dad brought up today just before Dinner. It is fucking indestructible! It can survive at temperatures of just about absolute zero, to about 151 °C (304 °F), it can survive the vacuum of space as well as extremely high levels of pressure, some species can survive levels of pressure six times that of the deepest part of the ocean, the Marianas Trench, this is 6000 times the pressure of our normal atmosphere! It can withstand ridiculously high levels of radiation, hundreds of times more than the lethal dose of us squishy pathetic humans, they can survive at only 3% water for ten years and also without any form of food for about this time because they can slow their metabolism to almost zero! These amazing, no, astounding levels of indestructibility, higher than that of Minecraft obsidian, are all found in a package about 0.5mm and they have been around for 530 million years. That's 300 MILLION YEARS LONGER THAN THE DINOSAURS!! Here is the wiki if you want to know further about the science of them because they are fucking awesome:… I believe this creature is amazing and definitely an epic win in favour of the world. So what if it looks like a pudgy little blob with legs? This is what will be ruling the world when the apocalypse comes. Haha. Well done world! Good game and well played. I have faith in you!

Thank you for reading my excitement over something so tiny. Haha.

Love you all,

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Wow i just realised that your birthday is the same day as mine :D happy early birthday,have a nice day ;)
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Happy late birthday. Haha. Oops. 

And thank you. ^^
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:) Thanks

No problem 

I went to a restaurant with a friend.And you? n_n
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thanks, and can you believe that i actually forgot... thanks for reminding me ahaha
random-drawer-person Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Happy birthday for tomorrow. ^^
coolcrisp Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2014
ur fact about zymenchlora is very fascinating!
random-drawer-person Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Why thank you. Haha. XD

And for the llama. XD
coolcrisp Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2014…
here is a song about it.
I listened to it all so it must be pretty good!
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